About us

Who we are

 Networking Consultants is owned and managed by:
 Lisbet Fich Lisbet Fich, Founding partner & senior consultant
Lisbet has 30 years professional experience from Europe, Africa and Asia with a focus on facilitating inter-cultural, organisational and individual learning processes, capacity assessments, individual coaching as well as organisational sparring and development.

Our goal

Our goal is to offer quality consultancies within development work, particularly focusing on process consultancies, analyses and strategic counselling of public as well as private organisations.

What we do

Networking Consultants has experience in managing projects from beginning to end, from design to policy support through monitoring and evaluation, to the final review of development programmes and projects. Thus in our work,

How we do it

Networking Consultants uses methods such as Appreciative Inquiry and Most Significant Change monitoring to facilitate and support change processes with local ownership. We build our work on the principles of dialogue, participation of stakeholders and beneficiaries and information, levelling of expectations, agreement on focus, and final purpose and value results.

Areas of expertise

Networking Consultants has extensive experience with management of all stages of the project cycle through work in a large number of developing countries. In particular we focus on sectors such as: