Selected assignments

Below is a selection of assignments that shows the broadness of our work. 

Further information on undertaken assignments can be found by downloading the CV’s of the consultants.

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Development and Testing of a Resource Allocation Model for Danish Framework Organisations

Networking Consultants have developed a resource allocation model for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an aim to create transparency and legitimacy around allocation of resources to the growing number of framework organisation.
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark 

Global Partnership for Education Pledging Conference and Board Meeting

The Global Partnership for Education contracted Networking Consultants to organise a high profile Pledging Conference on 8 November and a Board Meeting on 9-10 November 2011.  
Client: Global Partnership for Education

Monitoring and reporting on the Danish strategy for civil society support in 2011
Networking Consultants and capacitate have drawn up a report on how the overall goals of the Civil Society Strategy were achieved in 2011. The Report applies a new method that is based on cases from the Danish civil society organisations that received funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011. The method was first piloted in 2010 (Report for 2009) and was repeated in the Report for 2010. The report for 2011 is available here
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Civil Society, Private Sector and Good Governance. A Strategy for New Initiatives in Zimbabwe
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark 

Harmonisation of donor conditions and requirements to civil society support
Client: Sida as lead agency of donor group

Capacity assessment – AC International Child Support
Capacity Assessment of AC International Child Support with Appraisal of AC Programme in Ethiopia, Bolivia and Nepal.
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark.

Training of senior Danish journalists in development reporting – on site in Mozambique.
Client: Update – Centre for Advanced Media Training, Denmark.

Facilitating access and concept of a documentary film on Zimbabwe’s Constitution-making Process
Client: Upfront Films, Denmark