Humanitarian Space

In 2008, Networking Consultants organised and coordinated several high profile events for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The events were all related to the revision of Denmark’s humanitarian strategy and they were about: 

  • Future Protection Challenges – responding to conflict and forced displacement. June 2008
  • Early recovery: Addressing gaps and dilemmas together. October 2008
  • Climate related natural disasters: New Operational and political challenges. November 2008
  • Global Food Crisis: Challenges for Humanitarian Assistance. November 2008

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, former head of
Humanitarian Department, MFA (September 2008):
“Lisbet has strong proces facilitation skills, which can
help bring multi-stakeholder processes to solid results.
Her focus on participation and the spacial environment
for optimal interactions also makes her an ideal event planner and organiser for public and private clients seeking genuinely engaging events.”